Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Our eldest grand-daughter, Kayleigh celebrates her 24th birthday today--seems impossible that many years have gone by since her special birth. What an incredible young lady she has grown into and we are so proud of her. She has that special caring heart that reaches out to those in need and finds the good in people. She is a loyal, faithful friend--someone that you would want in your lives. She has always lived life to the fullest, she can see the "sunshine" in the middle of the rain, "light "in the midst of darkness and "joy" in the depths of pain.

When she was little girl and would come spend time with us, she and Granddad (Charles) would play "bear" together. They would hide under the covers, at first very still and quiet and I would go over and rub my hands over the bumps in the blankets and the blanket would begin to move and "growls" would start. Then came the chant from both of them, "we want Hardee's, we want Hardee's"--so off Meme would head to Hardee's to bring back sausage biscuits to keep the hungry bears happy. SOOOOO many great memories. Kayleigh learned to roller skate down the long hall in our old Victorian house on Cedar Street, also rode her pink tricycle all over down stairs on the hard wood floors. We still have that tricycle here at the house and it has been ridden by the seven grandchildren who followed in her footsteps. The seat is a bit cracked and the basket in the back a bit faded but the "memories" go on every ride, with every rider.

Kayleigh is one of the most focused, goal oriented young ladies you will ever meet. She sets her sights on the future and heads toward it with determination and courage. In May of this year, she graduated with her RN degree and the pictures here are from her "pinning" night. What pride swelled up in all of us who were there as she walked across that stage to receive her RN pin. She went right to work with her "calling and gift" and is faithful to care for patients, who really love her. The first picture is of Chris, Kayleigh, Jenny and Jacob. Proud parents and brother.
She is definitely "Daddy's Girl". Love these two faces of happiness and pride. He and Jenny, as well as so many others, have been such a source of  encouragement for her through the months of study, stress and then success.

Granddad and Meme are so blessed to see the marvelous young lady that Kayleigh has become. We have always been proud of her but this particular night, our hearts just swelled up with such joy, we thought that we might just burst open and dance and sing because she had made it. She is a RN. If you ever have the opportunity to meet her or even have her care for you some day, you will understand our joy.
But this is not the end of the story, just bits and pieces of the beginnings. Kayleigh has met a wonderful young man, Ryan, and they have a very special relationship and love for each other. Ryan treats Kayleigh with respect and dignity, very special virtues in the days that we live in now. It is such a delight to see them together and watch them grow in their love for one another. We are blessed to have Ryan in Kayleigh's life and Kayleigh in Ryan's life. And you will just have a wait for the rest of the story.
Kayleigh, we wish you the happiest of birthdays and so many more to come and we love you with all our hearts and could not be prouder, Granddad and Meme

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