Friday, December 14, 2012


As hard as it is for us to believe, our youngest grand-daughter, Aniston Gwen Brown, is celebrating her 4th birthday today. How can this be because it seems like it was just yesterday when Randy, her daddy and our youngest son, came walking down the hospital hall, in those scrubs that they have them wear in the birthing room, to announce Aniston's birth. His smile told it all and that smile is still there when Randy and Angela talk about Aniston. She "lights up theirs and our lives". What an incredible gift from the Lord she is. So now we will share a little about this little lady.
Being born in December, so close to Christmas, she was so little that first Christmas. But the next Christmas, she went to visit Santa and sit on his lap-thus this picture. It looks like such a "happy" time for both Aniston and Santa--he almost looks like he is sympathizing or at least empathizing with her "visit" with him. Things have gotten much better these past three years and Santa has become a special friend. She has even invited one of his Elves, Jack, to visit every December, though Jack seems to be a bit on the mischievous side and we trust that Aniston will not pick up any of his pranks. She actually has enough of her "own little mischief" without help from him.

She has a constant companion every day, every week, every month and all year long, who loves her and protects her. They are inseparable and they have tea parties together, play on the ipod, swim in the lake, hang around, play games and when they get tired they just lay down and take naps together. His name is Gunnar and sometimes she calls him her "Big Brother"--he looks after her like a big brother would, that's for sure.  They really love each other. But we must admit though, that at times they are "partners in crime".
 Being together as a family is very important to them. Here she is fishing with daddy at the lake, memories, memories and more memories. Randy and Aniston spend almost every Saturday and Sunday together, since Angela is a nurse and work week-ends. Randy has been doing this since Aniston was six or eight weeks old. They go through a fast food drive-thru and have picnics in the back of Randy's truck, go on "little journeys" together. He even took her to see the "fairies" and get her wings, and enjoy the Talking Tree, at the Renaissance Festival again this year. He is one incredible father and loves his little girl.
She loves her mommy and her mommy loves her and they spend lots of time together. Shopping (you know that girl thing), playing, cooking or just being together. This picture was taken this summer on their family vacation get-a-way to Seabrook Island/Kiawah Island. What a great time they had. More "MAKING MEMORIES', so very special. Angela is a fantastic mother and she and Aniston have such wonderful times together. Can't you tell by this picture how blessed they are!!

We love being with Aniston--there is never a dull moment. Always on the go and always playing crazy games with Granddad and being silly--you can do that when you are grandparents, don't you know. Her sweet kisses always make our day--never can get enough sugar from this little sweetheart.
We are closing her birthday post with a very special picture. Here is Aniston, the youngest grand-grandchild, just 10 days old, being held by her then 93 year old great-grandmother, Memo. The oldest and the youngest "Brown Family Ladies". We couldn't ask for a happier moment than that for our Aniston. The blessing imparted from her great-grandmother as she held Aniston for the first time.
 Aniston, we love you more than you could ever imagine and are so thankful that the Lord brought you into our lives--you are our precious ballerina, kiss giver, giggle maker but most of all OUR
 grand-daughter and we bless you on your 4th birthday. XOXOX, Always your Granddad and Meme

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