Sunday, December 23, 2012


Where or where have the years gone!! Angie celebrates her 40th birthday today and we are so happy for her. The Lord brought her into our lives almost 33 years ago. She was about 7 ½ years old, was wide eyed and had this pixie hair cut which she had created all my herself, with a pair very dull pair of scissors. Bless her heart she came into a family with four older sibling brothers and she had told us a number of times that she wanted to be an “only child”. Much to her surprise that would not be the case in our household. She spent so much of her first years going from one football game to another, as many as four games on a Saturday. She did enjoy gymnastics and so we signed her up for those classes. She had so much energy to expend and this was great for her.
We enjoyed camping as a family and she loved the water, creeks and rivers. When we asked her if she knew how to swim, she replied “I can swim like a fish” and proceeded to show us exactly what she meant—she could swim like a fish. She also loved roasted marshmallows over an open fire, making smores and eating watermelons that had been put in the cold creeks, to be eaten later. They sure have grown up since those days. Here she is now with her brothers, Charlie, Rob, Chris and Randy. There are just 7 years between our oldest and our youngest. Wow, what a house full of fun we had. 
Her adoption was finalized on August 20th, 1981 on Randy’s 10th birthday. After we left the attorney’s office, signing the final papers, we headed to Kentucky to spend a couple of years. We had a grand time enjoying all the room to roam around, ride horses and play games with her good friend Dana. In 1984 we moved to North Carolina and her new best friend, Michelle right across the street for a number of years and they spend allot of time together, enjoying their teen years.  Shortly after graduating from high school, she joined the Marines—what a fabulous Marine she turned out to be. She hung in there even during the tough times. We were so proud on her graduation day as we watched her march across that field after completing her training. Within a short time, she was sent to Okinawa, her husband was also sent over there, but to a different base. She came back to the States and gave birth to her son, Tyler. She has been one incredible mother, always looking out for Tyler’s best interest and encouraging him.
Angie has always been so thoughtful with her dad and I. Wanting to help wherever she can and finding little things to help “pick up” our spirits, especially during our journey through my cancer. One day we decided to get pedicures and manicures. She called ahead to the shop to make sure that I would get the best treatment ever. I am attaching a picture of our feet. We had another appointment to go to and our nail polish was not dry, so we rode in the car all the way to Birkdale with those “go between your toes sponge things, to keep from messing up our polish”. We were quite a sight, even took this picture to show our accomplishment. We did put flip flops on to go shopping later.
She is a hard worker and cares so much about her clients in her Vocational Rehab job. She wants them to be treated fairly and be able to have what they need to “survive” during their rough times. She tries to do battle for those who cannot help themselves.
So Angie, we wish you a very happy 40th Birthday and so many more special ones to come.
We love you very much and are proud of what you have accomplished. Mom and Dad



Friday, December 14, 2012


As hard as it is for us to believe, our youngest grand-daughter, Aniston Gwen Brown, is celebrating her 4th birthday today. How can this be because it seems like it was just yesterday when Randy, her daddy and our youngest son, came walking down the hospital hall, in those scrubs that they have them wear in the birthing room, to announce Aniston's birth. His smile told it all and that smile is still there when Randy and Angela talk about Aniston. She "lights up theirs and our lives". What an incredible gift from the Lord she is. So now we will share a little about this little lady.
Being born in December, so close to Christmas, she was so little that first Christmas. But the next Christmas, she went to visit Santa and sit on his lap-thus this picture. It looks like such a "happy" time for both Aniston and Santa--he almost looks like he is sympathizing or at least empathizing with her "visit" with him. Things have gotten much better these past three years and Santa has become a special friend. She has even invited one of his Elves, Jack, to visit every December, though Jack seems to be a bit on the mischievous side and we trust that Aniston will not pick up any of his pranks. She actually has enough of her "own little mischief" without help from him.

She has a constant companion every day, every week, every month and all year long, who loves her and protects her. They are inseparable and they have tea parties together, play on the ipod, swim in the lake, hang around, play games and when they get tired they just lay down and take naps together. His name is Gunnar and sometimes she calls him her "Big Brother"--he looks after her like a big brother would, that's for sure.  They really love each other. But we must admit though, that at times they are "partners in crime".
 Being together as a family is very important to them. Here she is fishing with daddy at the lake, memories, memories and more memories. Randy and Aniston spend almost every Saturday and Sunday together, since Angela is a nurse and work week-ends. Randy has been doing this since Aniston was six or eight weeks old. They go through a fast food drive-thru and have picnics in the back of Randy's truck, go on "little journeys" together. He even took her to see the "fairies" and get her wings, and enjoy the Talking Tree, at the Renaissance Festival again this year. He is one incredible father and loves his little girl.
She loves her mommy and her mommy loves her and they spend lots of time together. Shopping (you know that girl thing), playing, cooking or just being together. This picture was taken this summer on their family vacation get-a-way to Seabrook Island/Kiawah Island. What a great time they had. More "MAKING MEMORIES', so very special. Angela is a fantastic mother and she and Aniston have such wonderful times together. Can't you tell by this picture how blessed they are!!

We love being with Aniston--there is never a dull moment. Always on the go and always playing crazy games with Granddad and being silly--you can do that when you are grandparents, don't you know. Her sweet kisses always make our day--never can get enough sugar from this little sweetheart.
We are closing her birthday post with a very special picture. Here is Aniston, the youngest grand-grandchild, just 10 days old, being held by her then 93 year old great-grandmother, Memo. The oldest and the youngest "Brown Family Ladies". We couldn't ask for a happier moment than that for our Aniston. The blessing imparted from her great-grandmother as she held Aniston for the first time.
 Aniston, we love you more than you could ever imagine and are so thankful that the Lord brought you into our lives--you are our precious ballerina, kiss giver, giggle maker but most of all OUR
 grand-daughter and we bless you on your 4th birthday. XOXOX, Always your Granddad and Meme

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


What a joy to share about our grandson Keegan, who celebrates his 11th birthday today. He is larger than life itself!! Once again, the years have gone by too quickly and he seemed to grow up overnight. Keegan is a very  special fella--he has a real heart for the Lord and a tender heart for people around him. He loves being with his buddies, family and just folks in general.We will be attaching quite a few pictures with his blog because he has so many interests and is just plain fun to be around. They gave Granddad the Washington Redskins mug for Father's Day this year (Keegan is a "full on" New England Patriot "man") and Granddad challenged Keegan to be a "real man" and drink from a real football team's mug.
No doubt about it Keegan loves sports, all kinds, he plays quarterback in football and is a great three point shooter in basketball. As you can see by the basketball picture he even plays with a fractured wrist, with his cast all wrapped up in ace bandage.
No stopping this grandson on or off the football field or basketball court. He is like the "Energizer Bunny"--he keeps on ticking, moving and is always on the go.

He love his family and even came to the pottery shop this year to make some special Christmas presents for them. He is something else--we cannot post any of his pottery work here because they are surprises for Christmas, but will do so after his family opens them.
One of the things that we remember most after he was born was his big, beautiful (Meme and Granddad can say beautiful) brown eyes. He still has that special "Keegan" look with those eyes--uses them to his advantage, we do believe many times.
He has always written a thank you note for everything that we have ever given him or anything that we do for him. Even when he was little we always got a "thank you drawing" in the mail. When we have been through some of these recent medical journeys, first thing out of Keegan's mouth, when we see him is "how are feeling and how are you doing". Always praying for us and asking the Lord to make us better soon. What more could we ask for than that. He always ends a conversation before we leave with "love you Granddad, love you Meme". Memories that last forever.

These last couple of pictures are from when we took him his birthday presents early, because we weren't going to be together on his actual birthday, today. But Granddad did call and sing his yearly rendition of Happy Birthday in whatever key or tune you would enjoy.
He so warms our hearts and spirits with his SMILE--it goes from ear to ear. So as this evening ends, Keegan, we send so many blessings on this very special birthday and for many more to come. We love you all the M & M and Smiles in the world, Granddad and Meme


Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Our eldest grand-daughter, Kayleigh celebrates her 24th birthday today--seems impossible that many years have gone by since her special birth. What an incredible young lady she has grown into and we are so proud of her. She has that special caring heart that reaches out to those in need and finds the good in people. She is a loyal, faithful friend--someone that you would want in your lives. She has always lived life to the fullest, she can see the "sunshine" in the middle of the rain, "light "in the midst of darkness and "joy" in the depths of pain.

When she was little girl and would come spend time with us, she and Granddad (Charles) would play "bear" together. They would hide under the covers, at first very still and quiet and I would go over and rub my hands over the bumps in the blankets and the blanket would begin to move and "growls" would start. Then came the chant from both of them, "we want Hardee's, we want Hardee's"--so off Meme would head to Hardee's to bring back sausage biscuits to keep the hungry bears happy. SOOOOO many great memories. Kayleigh learned to roller skate down the long hall in our old Victorian house on Cedar Street, also rode her pink tricycle all over down stairs on the hard wood floors. We still have that tricycle here at the house and it has been ridden by the seven grandchildren who followed in her footsteps. The seat is a bit cracked and the basket in the back a bit faded but the "memories" go on every ride, with every rider.

Kayleigh is one of the most focused, goal oriented young ladies you will ever meet. She sets her sights on the future and heads toward it with determination and courage. In May of this year, she graduated with her RN degree and the pictures here are from her "pinning" night. What pride swelled up in all of us who were there as she walked across that stage to receive her RN pin. She went right to work with her "calling and gift" and is faithful to care for patients, who really love her. The first picture is of Chris, Kayleigh, Jenny and Jacob. Proud parents and brother.
She is definitely "Daddy's Girl". Love these two faces of happiness and pride. He and Jenny, as well as so many others, have been such a source of  encouragement for her through the months of study, stress and then success.

Granddad and Meme are so blessed to see the marvelous young lady that Kayleigh has become. We have always been proud of her but this particular night, our hearts just swelled up with such joy, we thought that we might just burst open and dance and sing because she had made it. She is a RN. If you ever have the opportunity to meet her or even have her care for you some day, you will understand our joy.
But this is not the end of the story, just bits and pieces of the beginnings. Kayleigh has met a wonderful young man, Ryan, and they have a very special relationship and love for each other. Ryan treats Kayleigh with respect and dignity, very special virtues in the days that we live in now. It is such a delight to see them together and watch them grow in their love for one another. We are blessed to have Ryan in Kayleigh's life and Kayleigh in Ryan's life. And you will just have a wait for the rest of the story.
Kayleigh, we wish you the happiest of birthdays and so many more to come and we love you with all our hearts and could not be prouder, Granddad and Meme