Sunday, March 18, 2012


Our oldest grandson, Jacob, turned 19 years old on this past Wednesday,March 14--what a special day for him. We were away and I had this post already to put on my blog when we got back this week and just now saw it sitting in my daytimer. The days just slipped away from me. Sorry this got away from Meme, Jacob, but you know how her brain works these days--sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. So Jacob here is your SPECIAL post--you know how we love to celebrate birthdays all month long--so this will be one of those, especially for you! 

From the minute Jacob was born, he has always had a very special place in our hearts. When he was just as few weeks old, I held him during church service every Sunday morning. He was such a handsome baby and as soon as the preaching started his eyes would begin to close--even a number of years down the way. (Just between us Jacob, right?) We won't tell all our secrets here. It wasn't that he didn't like his Granddad's preaching--he just liked to get comfortable and would drift off to sleep. He was a very busy child, he loved to go, go, go! He has always loved sports, all kinds but especially basketball. He such a great basketball player and plays the game well. ESPN is one of his favorite channels--he keeps up with all of the world of sports.
From the time that he was a little fella, he has always loved gummy bears or gummy anything--so Jacob started a tradition among the grandkids--always headed for the gummy jar in our kitchen. Often when we would pick him up from school we always brought gummies and a bottle of IBC Cherry-Limeade or Dr. Pepper. He has a "bottomless pit" for a stomach--he eats all the time, but stays slim and trim--it's his metabolism. He also loved to stop at Bojangles on a drive home from school and chicken strips and fries were his favorite. Everyone tells him that he looks just like me, bless his heart, it's that Irish in me I suppose. But he brags on this all the time to everyone he meets, so that makes me feel good. He is a true and loyal friend--always there for his buddies and "buddettes" (as we call the girls). He has a tender, compassionate heart and hates to see people hurting.
He has such a love for the Lord and for people to know His Savior. He is very bold about his testimony for Jesus. If a Christian song touches his heart he will share it with everyone on Facebook or by "texting" it to everyone. We are so excited to see what the Lord has in the future for Jacob--he seems to have a real heart for missions and would like to be a missionary. We continue to pray for the Lord's perfect will for him. Whatever it is, it will be great!!! It is still your birthday week, so a happy, happy birthday to our very special grandson, Jacob "Basketball" Brown.
We love you Jacob and pray for the Lord's richest blessings in your life, Meme and Granddad

Friday, March 16, 2012


We are just a few days away from the beginning of Spring, but I do believe that Spring has already arrived in the Carolinas. I love the season of "new birth"--everything that once was dormant and hibernating, deep under the ground, begins to make its way to the surface. My hostas are already emerging under the layers of dried leaves that covered them all winter long. My first rose of spring has bloomed--it's an early bird--probably couldn't wait for all the other roses to catch up. So it has opened and raised its precious little face to the sun and I can almost hear it shouting, "look at me, here I am, I am the first rose of Spring at the Browns".

My spirit feels like that right now, ready to blossom and welcome abundant life for a new season. I feel so blessed, yet humbled, by the Lord's promise of "mercies that are new every morning". Why should He love me (us) so that He gives me (us) a promise like this?!? It's just because of who He is and not of who I am or what I have done, but of what He has done for me. If I could I would be doing hand stands and flips today because of His goodness, mercy, grace and love. So, I encourage you all to breathe in deep all that He has in store for you this coming season. Leave all your worries and cares at His feet and watch Him come through for you, because of who He is.

Yes, "His mercies are new every morning"--raise your face to Son and take in all the warmth of His presence and love. It's free to us, but it cost Him everything. So it is with a very grateful heart that I praise Him.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Grandson Conlan Celebrates His 14th Birthday Today

Grandson Conlan Hunter Brown continues to grow as a young man and celebrates his 14th birthday today. The years went by so quickly and Conlan has become such an amazing young man. We were there at the hospital when he was born and what a handsome baby he was. His dad and mom, Charlie and Heather, were so proud to announce that their first born son had arrived. Conlan had the deepest brown eyes, so stunning and still today people remark about how striking they are, He has a gentle, caring spirit and shows concern for people, family and friends around him. He is a loyal, faithful friend who sticks closer than a brother. He loves the Lord and is not afraid to share with folks about his relationship with His Lord.
Conlan is a young man of integrity and strength--he strives to be the best at what he does. He is involved in sports: basketball, baseball, football, swimming, tennis and Lacrosse, which seems to be his great enjoyment right now. He may have found his special sports "niche" in Lacrosse. He will succeed at anything that he attempts because he has a persistent desire to go "higher and higher". He has a grateful nature, he always sends a thank you note to us for anything that we have given him--which blesses us. Even when he was a real young child, we would receive thank you hand drawn pictures from both him and Keegan. Charlie and Heather have done an incredible job instilling the characteristics so often missing in children and young people today--respect and honor. We are so blessed as Conlan's Granddad and Meme, to have him on our lives and so deep in our hearts. We love you Conlan and bless you on  your 14th birthday, Meme and Granddad

Sunday, March 4, 2012


A very happy 7th birthday to our precious grand-daughter Emery Blair Brown. What a joy this sweetheart is to us. Full of life and such a people person. She always asks how we are doing and what's going on. She has overcome and is still overcoming some things in her life that most grown folks would have "sunk" under, but she is such a "trooperette". She lights up a room when she walks in and she loves her family and friends with such an overwhelming love. This picture was taken yesterday at the Upwards Basketball game at her church. She was a cheerleader this year and is sooooo enthusiastic. On Friday night, she had her "sleep over" birthday party (not much sleep though, mostly party), with four of her friends, so she was wide open at cheerleading yesterday.
Emery has the best hugs in the whole world and she has such a compassionate, caring spirit. One of the things we love so much about Emery is that even at such a young, tender age she is a real "prayer warrior"-when she prays the heavens open and the Lord pours down His blessings. We can't wait to see what the Lord has for her in the future. So many hugs and so much love and blessings on you, Emery, on this your special day. XOXO, Granddad and Meme