Friday, March 16, 2012


We are just a few days away from the beginning of Spring, but I do believe that Spring has already arrived in the Carolinas. I love the season of "new birth"--everything that once was dormant and hibernating, deep under the ground, begins to make its way to the surface. My hostas are already emerging under the layers of dried leaves that covered them all winter long. My first rose of spring has bloomed--it's an early bird--probably couldn't wait for all the other roses to catch up. So it has opened and raised its precious little face to the sun and I can almost hear it shouting, "look at me, here I am, I am the first rose of Spring at the Browns".

My spirit feels like that right now, ready to blossom and welcome abundant life for a new season. I feel so blessed, yet humbled, by the Lord's promise of "mercies that are new every morning". Why should He love me (us) so that He gives me (us) a promise like this?!? It's just because of who He is and not of who I am or what I have done, but of what He has done for me. If I could I would be doing hand stands and flips today because of His goodness, mercy, grace and love. So, I encourage you all to breathe in deep all that He has in store for you this coming season. Leave all your worries and cares at His feet and watch Him come through for you, because of who He is.

Yes, "His mercies are new every morning"--raise your face to Son and take in all the warmth of His presence and love. It's free to us, but it cost Him everything. So it is with a very grateful heart that I praise Him.

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