Saturday, April 28, 2012


Our second born son Rob (Robert Jon Brown) had his 44th birthday this past Wednesday, April 25th. He was born deep in the heart of Texas (Fort Worth) and has a heart as big as Texas. We wanted to share some of the special life of this outstanding young man with all of you. We could not ask for finer son, who loves us, prays for us and cares about our lives.

Rob is an incredible son, husband, father, brother, nephew, brother-in-law and friend. He is always so willing to help anyone out--whether it be family, friends or his church (where he is very involved in so many aspects of his church family)  He loves the Lord deeply and serves wherever he is asked. Plus in his civic activities--he is always available to serve--he has a true servant's heart.

At a very young age, probably around 12, Rob and another friend talked about becoming attorneys and they both fulfilled that dream, after hours of hard work and years of education. He is a man of integrity, truth, honesty, loyalty and the list goes on and on. His work ethics are so Christ centered--do all things as unto the Lord.  

Rob is a father extraordinaire--he spends time with his daughters, Elizabeth and Emery--fixing their breakfasts at home, then Saturday morning breakfasts going out as well. He gives 100% with his presence and love to all the activities they are involved in and is a major encourager in their lives. They love their daddy. He is a very special husband, loving Kara, his wife, with all his heart and supporting her with her work and dreams--they are high school sweethearts.  

As a friend, you could not ask for a better one--he has friends through the years, who still keep touch and try to get together a couple of times a year. He is a faithful, caring and encouraging friend. Always there with a listening ear and a helping hand. Even has an annual golf "test of the time" with three friends--an annual event and very competitive--all in fun but then again???? Everyone likes to win, right, Rob?

Hard to sum up 44 years of life on one page, these are just a few words for a very special man, our son, Robert Jon Brown. (Or better known to his grandmother, Memo, who went to be with the Lord, on February 5th this year, at the age of 97, as her "Sugar Frosted Flakes") He will always be Memo's "Sugar Frosted Flakes"!!! Probably the way she will introduce him when we all get to heaven.

We love you Rob and are blessed beyond words to call you son. You have enriched our lives more than you can know and we are so proud of you. Your tender, compassion spirit blesses us as your parents. Our heart's love and deepest prayers, Dad and Mom

**I had written most of this on his actual birthday, but put in my drafts file and failed to post it--so had to redo some of it** Sorry, Rob, I guess I need Emery to come and help me find my "memory brain", as she calls it. She is always helping me find it again. ** 

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Such sorrow on Crucifixion day turned into rejoicing on Resurrection morning! It still amazes me how our precious Lord would die for someone like me. If I had been the only one, He still would have gone to the cross to die for my sins. How can I even begin to thank Him! He died for the sins of the whole world and yet He himself had no sin at all. Why? Why? Why? Because He loves us so much.
I believe that I would have been just like Mary when she went to the tomb and found it empty, saying "where have they taken my Lord"? Even after having heard Jesus say, "I will rise on the third day", my doubting mind would have wondered, how could this really happen? And then the angels at the tomb told her the news--"He is not here, He is risen, just like He said he would". Once it all sank in, I believe that my flip-flop footed feet would have raced to tell everyone I knew. Jesus is not dead, He is alive, He is alive.  So this is "our resurrection story" as well.