Monday, March 5, 2012

Grandson Conlan Celebrates His 14th Birthday Today

Grandson Conlan Hunter Brown continues to grow as a young man and celebrates his 14th birthday today. The years went by so quickly and Conlan has become such an amazing young man. We were there at the hospital when he was born and what a handsome baby he was. His dad and mom, Charlie and Heather, were so proud to announce that their first born son had arrived. Conlan had the deepest brown eyes, so stunning and still today people remark about how striking they are, He has a gentle, caring spirit and shows concern for people, family and friends around him. He is a loyal, faithful friend who sticks closer than a brother. He loves the Lord and is not afraid to share with folks about his relationship with His Lord.
Conlan is a young man of integrity and strength--he strives to be the best at what he does. He is involved in sports: basketball, baseball, football, swimming, tennis and Lacrosse, which seems to be his great enjoyment right now. He may have found his special sports "niche" in Lacrosse. He will succeed at anything that he attempts because he has a persistent desire to go "higher and higher". He has a grateful nature, he always sends a thank you note to us for anything that we have given him--which blesses us. Even when he was a real young child, we would receive thank you hand drawn pictures from both him and Keegan. Charlie and Heather have done an incredible job instilling the characteristics so often missing in children and young people today--respect and honor. We are so blessed as Conlan's Granddad and Meme, to have him on our lives and so deep in our hearts. We love you Conlan and bless you on  your 14th birthday, Meme and Granddad

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