Wednesday, December 12, 2012


What a joy to share about our grandson Keegan, who celebrates his 11th birthday today. He is larger than life itself!! Once again, the years have gone by too quickly and he seemed to grow up overnight. Keegan is a very  special fella--he has a real heart for the Lord and a tender heart for people around him. He loves being with his buddies, family and just folks in general.We will be attaching quite a few pictures with his blog because he has so many interests and is just plain fun to be around. They gave Granddad the Washington Redskins mug for Father's Day this year (Keegan is a "full on" New England Patriot "man") and Granddad challenged Keegan to be a "real man" and drink from a real football team's mug.
No doubt about it Keegan loves sports, all kinds, he plays quarterback in football and is a great three point shooter in basketball. As you can see by the basketball picture he even plays with a fractured wrist, with his cast all wrapped up in ace bandage.
No stopping this grandson on or off the football field or basketball court. He is like the "Energizer Bunny"--he keeps on ticking, moving and is always on the go.

He love his family and even came to the pottery shop this year to make some special Christmas presents for them. He is something else--we cannot post any of his pottery work here because they are surprises for Christmas, but will do so after his family opens them.
One of the things that we remember most after he was born was his big, beautiful (Meme and Granddad can say beautiful) brown eyes. He still has that special "Keegan" look with those eyes--uses them to his advantage, we do believe many times.
He has always written a thank you note for everything that we have ever given him or anything that we do for him. Even when he was little we always got a "thank you drawing" in the mail. When we have been through some of these recent medical journeys, first thing out of Keegan's mouth, when we see him is "how are feeling and how are you doing". Always praying for us and asking the Lord to make us better soon. What more could we ask for than that. He always ends a conversation before we leave with "love you Granddad, love you Meme". Memories that last forever.

These last couple of pictures are from when we took him his birthday presents early, because we weren't going to be together on his actual birthday, today. But Granddad did call and sing his yearly rendition of Happy Birthday in whatever key or tune you would enjoy.
He so warms our hearts and spirits with his SMILE--it goes from ear to ear. So as this evening ends, Keegan, we send so many blessings on this very special birthday and for many more to come. We love you all the M & M and Smiles in the world, Granddad and Meme


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