Sunday, August 12, 2012


This is a "belated" birthday blog for Heather. I had done one for her birthday, which was
July 14th--I had finished the blog, but was looking for a picture to put with it. So Heather's Birthday Blog from us ended up in my draft and never got posted. So sorry--but like Popo always said, he liked to celebrate birthdays for at least a month or so--much more fun. So here is a Popo kind of birthday greeting. This is what I had written back in July.

Heather, one of our daughter-in-loves, Charlie's wife, celebrates her birthday today. We wanted her to know how much we love her and appreciate her. She is one of the most organized young ladies we have ever know--always ahead of herself. If she knows something is coming up on her calendar, all pre-preparations are done right away. She is like the master juggler--always keeping up with three, four or five things at a time.

She is a wonderful wife and mother. She stands right beside Charlie, encouraging him and praising his endeavors, trying to lighten the load where she can. As a mother, she excels in so many ways--she wants the very best for Conlan and Keegan and constantly reminds them "you can do it, I know you can". She is very involved in all of their school activities and extra curricular activities, mostly sports--right on the side lines cheering them on.

A little over 9 years ago, Charlie's job transferred him to Hong Kong, where he and the family spent 3 years. It was our great joy when they gave us a very special gift to come and visit them for three weeks. The day after we arrived, we were off with the whole family to spend Easter in Thailand--how incredible that was--enjoying the people and culture of such a beautiful place. Then Charlie and Heather arranged for us, just Charles and me, to go to Beijing, China for three days with our own guide, we were able to see the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China and so much more over there. Then back to Hong Kong, to explore this amazing city with them. Our last trip was to Cambodia, just Charlie, Heather, Charles and I, the experience of a life time. We had such a fabulous time together. That whole trip was "priceless" for us--a once in a life time dream fulfilled and we are so grateful for them blessing us with that time with them.

Heather loves to take pictures--one very special pleasure that we share together. We love to "Make Memories" through our photography--activities, events and family times that cannot not be forgotten with our love for seeing it through the eye of a camera. Charlie, Heather, Conlan and Keegan have had the joy of traveling to many countries around the world--some of the best education they can give their children--experiencing the sights, sounds and beauty of these countries. And once again, Heather, with camera in tow.

Friends are very important to Heather--she is a constant encourager and a faithful prayer buddette (a girl buddy) to many of these friends. She remembers those things that matter and the Lord has blessed her with this gift--the overflow of this has covered many homes of these friends as well as the home of our families.

We love the thoughtful, giving hearts that Heather and Charlie, as well as the boys have--they never forget a birthday or special event. During my journey through breast cancer, they were always finding special ways to celebrate life in the middle of all of our hard times. Thank you notes are forever a part of their lives. We have always gotten a thank you note, all these years, for things done for them or gifts given. Heather is so good about making us feel appreciated by teaching the boys this "lost art" of thank you notes, mostly hand written, sent through the mail with a real stamp on them--another "lost art". Thank you Heather for being such a loving, caring daughter-in-love.

We love you and pray continued blessings over you during the coming years,
Lynne and Charles, also known as Meme and Granddad

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  1. What a sweet post to celebrate a special birthday! My family is known for celebrating a birthday for days:) Love the memory of your trip to Hong Kong, what a wonderful gift! Beautiful family! Have a blessed week, HUGS!