Friday, January 13, 2012


This will be a quick post but a very special one. What a difference a year makes!!! One year ago today I was sitting in the recliner, at my oncologist, receiving my final infusion of Chemo. I was bald, weighed a puny 106 pounds and looked quite different than I do today. I never did get sick from the Chemo, just never had an appetite. I now have a healthy, full head of hair and I have put most of lost weight back on and my energy level increases each month. I AM BLESSED.
This a picture of me with two of my precious granddaughters, Elizabeth and Emery, who gave me a beautiful Breast Cancer Flag with that awesome Hope filled ribbon on it. This flag hung in our front flower garden all year, as a constant reminder that breast cancer can be beaten. I am living proof, one year later, I have been declared CANCER FREE.

A very special thank you to my incredible husband, Charles, who has walked every step of the "our" cancer journey together. He is always there with encouragement and anything that I needed. And believe you me, it has been a journey but how great is our Lord and how wonderful is His Mercy, Grace, Love, Healing and Protection over us. I love you, my Tiger, always your Kitten


  1. Praise the Lord for all the mercy and grace that he bestows upon us....and praise Him for healing YOU!! Those of us who have traveled as side-line companions on this journey with you, have gained from your experience. Gained in hope, gained in courage, and gained in our confidence in an awesome God!

  2. I guess because I was going through it with you I didn't realize that we were on the same chemo schedule. This past Tuesday was one year since my last chemo also! PTL!
    We are so blessed!
    I continue to pray for you and Charles and our other friends as well.

  3. My son Matthew was on chemo a year ago also, and is now on a chemo maintenance pill that he takes 4xa day. He has DSRCT, and you can read a little more about him on my blog on the side bar (see )
    I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. BTW, I am your former neighbor (Doris H.)'s sister. God bless you on your journey, and praise God He is working all things together for your benefit. Amen? Amen!

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