Thursday, January 26, 2012


Often I am not a good "waiter" and I don't mean serving food. I love to see spring come with all its new life and a "fresh start" for those of us looking for it. For some reason this new year it has been extra hard for me to wait---day after day  dreariness seeps into my spirit and soul. I have asked the Lord to make be thankful for what He gives each day and I do well for a few days then the big blah arrives! On my way out to the pottery shop this afternoon, I saw two faithful friends also waiting for spring. I wonder will they be waiting a long time or do they have their seasons mixed up? Do they know that winter is not over yet? Or are they trying to bloom too soon? Here are my new friends, so much like me!!! 
I believe that's how I am sometimes--waiting for something that I want with all my might, but then realizing I have to wait on the Lord's timing because His ways are perfect. So I will just sit back and trust Him to allow me to "bloom" when His time is right for me--He knows best! The season of Spring will come in the Lord's appointed time and the "Spring" in my life will also come at His appointed time.

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